IBM Collaboration Solutions Quality survey

IBM has yet another survey, this time asking questions based on product documentation, installation, wizards, integration and more. This is from their quality group I think.

Survey asking product used

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    On Tuesday, May 20th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

IBM Websphere Portal 8 launch announcement

IBM had a launch event in Paris and Yves Darnige, IBM Marketing Manager, had the following confusing comment
Portal V8 brings in social network services on top of the Portal framework to enable a multi-channel approach of the market for a deepen customer relationship.

Anyone care to comment on what they think this means? I am slightly confused what a multi-channel approach is
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    On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012   by Chris Miller        

IdoNotes Episode 93 - Lotus Award winner Ascendant Technology #ls11

I had the chance to sit with Mike Ostrowski, Vice President - Portals and Social Computing (Lotus), of Ascendant Technology to talk about the two (yes 2) Lotus Awards they received for Lotusphere 2011 as well as a finalist position for another to be announced live Business Development Day.

Image:IdoNotes Episode 93 - Lotus Award winner Ascendant Technology #ls11

Mike covered the technology used for the winning solutions, how it influences future business and where to find them at Lotusphere 2011 at Pedestal 710

Today's podcast brought to you by GoDaddy:
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    On Tuesday, January 18th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Announcing a new blog

The launch is official of and the postings have begun.  It will be a shared event of a couple instructors (including me) that are certified to teach the WCS 2.5 classes and are certified in both areas of the product already. (Messaging and Team Collaboration for WCS)

I also decided to move my postings and info for the Workplace Managed Client to that site for those focusing in that areas as well.  I have been playing with it and have some impressions.

It makes my mind easier knowing people get exactly what they expect at each blog site.  There might be some cross posting or linking as needed
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    On Thursday, February 23rd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

A great Websphere Portal clustering document just done

I came across this PDF in a newsletter alert this morning.  As the Portal space grows and Domino not only becomes the mail portlet, but in numerous places the LDAP source for the portal, the stability and scalability of this central point becomes a business necessity.  Imagine how your Domino mail system went from 1 to 3 servers in a cluster and now companies are busy building Sametime Community clusters.  Parts of technology are no longer for fun, they become parts of the business process.  Here is a sample diagram from the article:
Image:A great Websphere Portal clustering document just done

The document is just over 40 pages long, so quite the good read in time and material.  I will say one thing.  A Domino cluster is more like a few paragraphs compared to the complexity of performing this operation.  While I have installed Portal, I have never done this step so I plan on testing this a couple times for practice.
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    On Thursday, December 15th, 2005   by Chris Miller