Lotus Quickr Certifications to be Withdrawn Sep 30 2013

IBM has announced that the Lotus Quickr Certifications will be withdrawn on Sep 30 2013. This is pretty much a hint as to how Lotus Quickr is being merged into newer and other IBM products in the future.
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The following exams are being retired:
  • LOT-950: Administering IBM Lotus Quickr 8.1 Services for IBM Lotus Domino
  • LOT-982: Administering IBM Lotus Quickr 8.1 Services for IBM WebSphere Portal
Once those exams are retired they will simultaneously retire the following two exams:
  • IBM Certified System Administrator - Lotus Quickr 8.1 for IBM Lotus Domino
  • IBM Certified System Administrator - Lotus Quickr 8.1 for IBM WebSphere Portal
So prepare to update to some newer ones to remain certified and keep your business partner points.

Join in the discussion about IBM certification I have going from the posting IBM retiring the IBM Certified Advanced Security Professional? I say No please!
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    On Monday, August 19th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

IBM retiring numerous technical sales mastery exams on Nov 30 2012

IBM has announced the retirement of numerous technical sales mastery exams to be replaced with new Associate Level certifications.  The following are being retired:
  • 000-M38: IBM Lotus Notes & Domino Technical Sales Mastery Test v2
  • 000-M46: IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Technical Sales Mastery Test v2
  • 000-M48: IBM Lotus Web Content Management Technical Sales Mastery Test v2
  • 000-M61: IBM Lotus Protector Technical Sales Mastery Test v1
  • 000-M62: IBM Lotus Connections Technical Sales Mastery Test v1
  • 000-M63; IBM Lotus Forms Technical Sales Mastery Test v2
  • 000-M64: IBM Lotus Sametime Technical Sales Mastery Test v1
  • 000-M65: IBM Lotus XPages Technical Sales Mastery Test v1
  • 000-M82: IBM Lotus Quickr Technical Sales Mastery Test v2
  • 000-M83: IBM WebSphere Portal Technical Sales Mastery Test v3

The credit will be active until March 2013, but that seems short as well.
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    On Monday, September 17th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

October 2011 Sys Admin Tips is out on

In this October 2011 issue I discuss the XWork Server in the editorial section and then:

* From the IdoNotes Mailbox: The Words On My Buttons Are Gone
* How To Be NICE
* Quick Tip: Making Your Searches More Productive
* From the IdoNotes Mailbox

Do not forget to watch the "What's New in Lotus, Domino, Traveler & IBM XWork Server 8.5.3" webcast that was on October 4th from Consultant In Your Pocket.
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    On Wednesday, October 26th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Participate in a Lotus User Experience Study

Lotus is looking for volunteers to submit for a futures usability study.  It runs this and next week.  Details below!

The Lotus User Experience Research team is conducting user research the week of August 22nd (extending to the week of Aug 29th as needed) and is looking for participants.

You will be asked to attend a 60-90 minute online session (connection details to follow) where strategic design direction, encompassing multiple IBM products, will be shown and discussed.

We are looking for a diverse audience to represent a rich set of perspectives.

This is not a usability assessment of current products nor a commitment to implement what is shown. This is directional research but your feedback will be used to shape the future direction of the products you use.

If interested, please tell us a little about yourself and available days and times using the brief survey []. Someone will contact you if there is a day/time match.

Thank you for your time!



Brian S. Utesch, Ph.D.
STSM, Lotus User Experience Research (UXR) Lead
IBM Software Group, WPLC, Lotus User Experience Group

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    On Wednesday, August 24th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

How Lotus fits into the IBM Social Strategy - finally explained

The IBM Collaboration Solutions community call was held this morning and a guest speaker was Scott Neuman, Director of Social Business Marketing at IBM.  He ran through a number of high level slides around social strategy and futures.  But I think he made it very clear in the middle.  I will summarize in MY words
Lotus will be folded into coupled solutions with other IBM software products and services to provide these magical social solutions. Gone will be the days of a laundry list of products you have to wade through.

So you will see things like Sametime, Connections and maybe Portal as a vertical solution offering to customers for example.

Learning WAS, Sharepoint or whatever shouldn't matter to the big question.  If there is a software IBM owns then learn it.  Plain and simple.  If there is a bundled solution approach that covers seven products, learn them.

If social is the keyword of the bi-annual to IBM, then we say ok!  Domino was social, Sametime was social, Connections (for 4 years now) was social.  But now we have the term social applied and we can approach it as new.

The mass world doesn't know or doesn't like the Lotus name, but love and trust IBM as recognizable.   This was ten years coming when IBM bought Lotus.  No need to ponder it now.

We didn't sell previous solutions as social, we did it as collaboration. Guess what, collaboration had to be social to work.  We just have a new word.  Move along.

This article brought to you by IamLUG - the North American "Lotus" User Group.  Hotel rates expire July 7th!
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    On Tuesday, June 28th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Greenhouse reminder, it removes inactive places after 3 months

Today I received a communication from Lotus Greenhouse.  I am glad to see they are managing the number of places being created on Greenhouse.  But beware if you are using it for storage and forget to access it for a few months:
Hello -

We would like to remind you of our Quickr data retention policy on the Lotus Greenhouse.  

We will be removing any Places that have not been accessed in the past 3 months.  If you would like your Place to remain on our site you need to modify it by Aprill 30th.

Going forward:
Quickr will automatically remove any places that have not been accessed in the past 3 months.

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    On Friday, April 22nd, 2011   by Chris Miller        

From the IdoNotes Mailbox: Large File Uploads in Quickr


We have been having issues with our new Quickr environment when trying to upload big presentation files. I have looked at the settings and cannot figure out why large files fail to upload. Any suggestions where to look for how we messed up?

(name withheld)

ANSWER: You ask a great question that many people face with the growing deployment of Lotus Quickr on Domino! Quickr has a few places to investigate when trying upload large files. The first place to begin is the notes.ini file. A strange place to start, I know. You need to establish whether two variables are present and set correctly. Also, make sure they do not exist higher in the notes.ini with lower values.

The two variables:

 ·        QuickPlaceLargeFileRequestOnFile=1

·QuickPlaceLargeRequestDirectory=[exactly where you want the working directory]

The second variable must be writable and accessible all the time for this to work. Usually, picking a large temp area outside of where you might place transaction logs and the operating system is a good choice.

Next, you must set the maximum attachment size in both Quickr and Domino. If one is lower than the other, the lower one is obeyed. Quickr is in the Site Administration → Other Options via the Web interface. Domino is in the server document on the Internet Protocols-HTTP tab. The Maximum Size of Requested Content must be established to meet your needs. One last location is the Maximum Post data size limit on the Domino Web Engine tab.

I would suggest making all of these the same size limits to ease administration and troubleshooting at later times.

Chris Miller

This article originally appeared on SocialBizUG

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    On Tuesday, January 19th, 2010   by Chris Miller