Gamification as explained by Dilbert

Dilbert explains the meaning of gamification in the enterprise a few weeks ago. By Scott Adams

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    On Monday, June 10th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

15 Tips for successful employee recognition programs (ebook)

A Blueprint for Maximizing Recognition

The trend in using recognition programs, often called gamification, to improve employee moral and  engagement is spreading across enterprises.  Many companies do not know where to start. outside of picking a vendor system.
This guide offers a primer on the best practices for employee recognition, with practical tips for getting maximum results in culture management and employee engagement.

 I ran across this ebook titled A Blueprint for Maximizing Recognition  with 15 starter tips.  It is a quick read but highlights the right areas and is great for the higher ups that do not want to read long documents.
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    On Monday, February 25th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

IdoNotes Episode 126 - Tembo Social interview

I had the opportunity to sit with TemboSocial president Steven Green and talk about The Hive and it's integration with IBM Connections. We discuss social business, employee recognition, gamification, rewards.

We look at how The Hive is integrated with IBM Connections, badges, analytics, customization and even more.  Make sure to visit the TemboSocial website for the whitepapers, blog and receiving a product tour.
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    On Thursday, July 12th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

IDC reports the future of email is social - sponsored by IBM

An IDC report came out in February 2012 stating how the future of email is social.  I was interested to see that IBM was the sponsor of the paper.
This IDC white paper takes a look at the current state of enterprise email and the perceived and real problems that surround its use.  The paper discusses the changing nature of collaboration and work fueled by the social web by examining current email trends and the emergence of new social collaboration tools.  Rather than envision "a world without email," it revels a future where email converges with social tools...

The paper begins with a situation overview and a team that needs to work on a project before jumping to a section on the history of email and a statistic that email will reach 2.4 billion users by the year 2014.

The paper covers the standard challenges about the number of emails, mobile access and blurring personal and business use of devices and email. Filtering is given a section on pages 4-5 which I feel is the basis for most of the overload.
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    On Thursday, May 24th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Will enterprise gamification tools be used against you at your job?

I watched and somewhat participated in a conversation about enterprise gamification addressing the negative side to employees as well as the rewards. Alan Lepofsky kicked the conversation off with the following tweet
Talk about #gamification always focuses on rewarding positive actions. Do you think negative behavior should also be surfaced? #socbiz

You can read the threads from there.  I wanted to bring out a quick theory I developed.

With the current enterprise gamification engines a employee is rewarded with badges or other tidbits for completing specific tasks and activities inside some piece of software.  Examples for gamification engines for IBM Connections are Bunchball and Kudos.  Both include rewards andbadges for filling in your profile, uploading and sharing files, joining communities and making comments on others.

Now my theory is that this can be used against the employee as any other productivity benchmark can.  Your manager, HR department or supervisor can quickly pull up your profile on the enterprise collaboration software and see you have not earned any badges or marks from the enterprise gamification engine. Will this now be used against you as not being a team player and working with others?

What about simple productivity? Can they say due to your lack of file sharing you are not producing content valuable to the enterprise?  I personally do not know of any company that states that the enterprise gamification system will not be used against you. Many do not even say how it benefits you in any way.

This has nothing to do with the gamification engines at this time, as they are not offering markers or badges that are negative, it is just a view into how interpretation may be done at some companies.

Make sure you go watch my interview of Bunchball founder Rajat Paharia in IdoNotes Episode 123 on YouTube.
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    On Monday, April 30th, 2012   by Chris Miller