Dolphindor - the adventure at IBM Connect 2014

Welcome to the Dolphindor quest, where adventure awaits you at every turn, during IBM Connect 2014. This is a card base game developed by Gab Davis, Kathy Brown, Julian Robichaux and myself for fun while at IBM Connect.

Journey to Dolphindor

Look for one of the four of us to get your hands on your own card deck to start the Journey to Dolphindor. This is a quest to do some fun tings while at the event. Some will be easy to complete, while others may take effort or even taking someone along to take the picture to verify you completed it.  Yes you must have a picture to verify you complete a quest. We made sure a camera can be used at any quest locations..

Please join and like our Facebook page for Dolphindor and to see the game cards that will be in use.
Also visit the Dolphindor website for rules and updates!

Any and all resemblance to any other games or conferences or meetings or companies is entirely coincidental.  This game/quest is in no way affiliated with the following: IBM, IBM Connect, any IBM employee, IBM subsidiaries, IBM affiliates, IBM Business Partners, our employers, any company, our bosses, your boss, Disney, Disney properties, Disney employees, or anything/anyone else.  This was the strange and wonderful invention of four fun and possibly deranged people.
You participate in this game at your own risk.  We are not responsible for your actions.
The cards, name, images, and all related items belong to us.  Images on the cards used with owner’s permission. No stealing, bitchez

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    On Tuesday, January 21st, 2014   by Chris Miller        

Will enterprise gamification tools be used against you at your job?

I watched and somewhat participated in a conversation about enterprise gamification addressing the negative side to employees as well as the rewards. Alan Lepofsky kicked the conversation off with the following tweet
Talk about #gamification always focuses on rewarding positive actions. Do you think negative behavior should also be surfaced? #socbiz

You can read the threads from there.  I wanted to bring out a quick theory I developed.

With the current enterprise gamification engines a employee is rewarded with badges or other tidbits for completing specific tasks and activities inside some piece of software.  Examples for gamification engines for IBM Connections are Bunchball and Kudos.  Both include rewards andbadges for filling in your profile, uploading and sharing files, joining communities and making comments on others.

Now my theory is that this can be used against the employee as any other productivity benchmark can.  Your manager, HR department or supervisor can quickly pull up your profile on the enterprise collaboration software and see you have not earned any badges or marks from the enterprise gamification engine. Will this now be used against you as not being a team player and working with others?

What about simple productivity? Can they say due to your lack of file sharing you are not producing content valuable to the enterprise?  I personally do not know of any company that states that the enterprise gamification system will not be used against you. Many do not even say how it benefits you in any way.

This has nothing to do with the gamification engines at this time, as they are not offering markers or badges that are negative, it is just a view into how interpretation may be done at some companies.

Make sure you go watch my interview of Bunchball founder Rajat Paharia in IdoNotes Episode 123 on YouTube.
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    On Monday, April 30th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Why are some online games everyone, amuse yourself this fine morning

I just wanted to make sure everyone had something to do this Monday morning.

Here  Eagle Eye, a cool archery game.  Make sure your mouse is clean to get the right angles

Here  Funky Truck 4WD,  get ready to flip your truck, not the easiest

Here Paintball, need I say more.

ok heck just go to TeaGames yourself, there is too many.

P.S. here is a special one just for Carl
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    On Monday, August 15th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

Need an addicting online game?

Damn this college student for inventing it!!  So far my high score is 807,892 finishing Level 13 before I had to go
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    On Thursday, July 21st, 2005   by Chris Miller