IBM Domino 10 and Sametime #domino2025

IBM and HCL had a webcast/chat about IBM Sametime and the futures of the product. Overall, it seems the feedback they have received is based around simplifying the product deployment, keep most every feature and simply make it easier to use meetings, video and tuning.
IBM Sametime logo

In Sametime 9.01 for Notes 10 IBM will allow the use of the mobile client (some limitations) with the entitlement.  There that summarizes the initial license change.  One simple line.

In the first half of 2019 IBM will add some other things to Sametime 10    Continue Reading here" IBM Domino 10 and Sametime #domino2025" »
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    On Thursday, September 20th, 2018   by Chris Miller        

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud - pricing and licenses

My previous post on IBM Domino Applications on Cloud - Explained ended up generating more interest in emails and tweets. So here is the announced pricing and licensing.  See the previous posting for size limits and architecture

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud license
Above is the current availability for the free trail or Bring Your Own License Edition (BYOL) for Domino Applications on Cloud. Note that the free trial has some restrictions to get you interested.  From the  Continue Reading here" IBM Domino Applications on Cloud - pricing and licenses" »
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    On Tuesday, August 28th, 2018   by Chris Miller        


It was time to evaluate direction with plotting and planning of paths, postings, podcasts, webcasts, conferences and more for IdoNotes and the Spiked Studio brand.
Reboot style=

I had to consider quite a few things:
After I typed that I realized it isn't important at all as a number.  What started as a random idea to blog became a hobby, passion and then hobby again. It expanded into my crazy idea of multiple blogs.  Some of those were merged back together (TheSocialNetworker and Social Stalking for example).

Spiked Studios LLC launched a few years ago as an umbrella to bring together all of the video work I was starting to do and I decided to fold all of the blogs under that banner. That video path became a passion moving even the IdoNotes podcast to video shows only and then expand in directions I could never imagine.   Amazon Top 1000 reviewer, live on air at CES twice, on stage at SxSW twice and then product ambassador opportunities.

So what does this blog post mean? Look for expansion in content here at IdoNotes.  I announced I am an IBM Cloud Champion for 2018, my first time not being a IBM Collaboration Solutions Champion since the program inception.  I will be full force covering Domino 10 and adding more cloud related content.

Plus my job expanded and you should expect to see a lot on data taxonomy, analytics and dashboards.  It is simply a reboot that took some planning and thought.
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    On Wednesday, August 8th, 2018   by Chris Miller        

Differences between Standard SSL and EV SSL

We were updating SSL certificates on IBM Domino servers and the question came up about the differences between EV SSL and Standard SSL. Outside of one costing more I was not sure what the added benefits were to using a EV SSL certificate.

The reality is that a Standard SSL Certificate and an EV SSL Certificate offer the same technical level of protection in encryption standards.  The EV (or extended validation) Certificates require a different level of authentication. Not for the user, but for the website itself.
EV SSL Certificate
That lead me to figure out how the end user even knows if the certificate is a Standard SSL or EV SSL Certificate. I had no clue so I cannot imagine how an end user knows.   Continue Reading here" Differences between Standard SSL and EV SSL" »
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    On Wednesday, April 25th, 2018   by Chris Miller        

IBM Domino 10 - very early thoughts

IBM made a small wave when they announced IBM Domino 10 and the partnership with HCL for development of the updated platform. A recent webcast with IBM and HCL shows an aggressive 2018 release date. I took notes on some of the highlights from the webcast and some thoughts on where we are headed are all mine.
IBM Domino 2925 webcast

IBM held a series of in person Jams and then a web Jam to build feedback, enthusiasm and see where the needs were.  Many die hard Notes fans flocked to fix things from years ago, while others looked to the future of what we need today.  The combination of the two will lead to a thinner client and more functionality. Integrated with newer technologies.

IBM Domino 10 is still a moving target of features. I am hoping all of the below make it into the very first release and not some point updates later.  They presented three main areas of themes with some great news in each one:
Continue Reading here" IBM Domino 10 - very early thoughts" »
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    On Monday, March 5th, 2018   by Chris Miller