Cloud Hosting for IBM i from Connectria

Connectria just announced a cloud hosting solution for IBM i platform after two years of testing and working with IBM.  This has been under wraps as we worked with them on building this offering.
Connectria’s IBM i Cloud Hosting Solutions have been designed to run on the reliable IBM Power Systems Servers to deliver all the benefits expected from a Connectria Cloud Solution, including reliability, scalability, flexibility and affordable pricing. Customers of Connectria’s IBM i Cloud Hosting Solutions will be able to purchase the IBM i capacity and support they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it -- backed by Connectria’s world-class 24/7 IBM i administration and support.
Starting as low as $495/month, Connectria’s IBM i Cloud Hosting solutions are an excellent alternative to purchasing an IBM i System and running it yourself. For each Virtual Machine, customers can add processor, memory or disk capacity as needed, as well as scale from as little as 595 CPW to more than 50,000 CPW. In addition to the IBM i capacity that customers purchase, they will also purchase Connectria’s world-renowned 24/7 IBM i administration and support to ensure their IBM i systems are secure, reliable, and running at peak performance.

There are three hosting options available for you.  Visit the site for more information about this awesome new offering!
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    On Friday, April 6th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Thoughts on the webcast

Some great content and I heard a ton of questions were out there pending.  Look for those in the forum at website shortly.

Ed Brill
  • Great job as usual.  He is at the point now where Ed probably murmurs competitive things in his sleep.  He got a question on Outlook and how does the GUI compare or how was it enhanced Domino 7.  We all know Hannover addresses this issue even more.  Basically people, Lotus is saying it does what you need since the 6.x days, but looks a little different.  Heck, I don't like some of the UI in Outlook, so why is it so much better?  Let's call it training!
  • Another asked about Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook and enhancements.  DAMO in 7 is using the same template as 6.5.4 uses for now.  Great idea to get that out the door in time with 7.  I imagine when the point releases start coming out, some more fixes for DAMO will  be there.  I also imagine that some new bugs might be found when using the back-end of 7

Rob Ingram, lead Domino Product Manager
Benchmarked improvements was a highlight hit often with Rob.  He did well also.  Here are two screenshots:
Image:Thoughts on the webcast

Image:Thoughts on the webcast
Ok, maybe I am off but they did not hit 30 something percent improvement even according to their own charts???  I will let that one go with the thought that the improvements in performance are definitely there.

Then he made me sit up in my seat.  Finally a new benchmark that addresses what the old ones missed, real world activity!!!!

Mark Jourdain, product manager , Application Development, Domino Designer
Mark did very well also.  Even though he had to cram the last slides in at the end due to time.

Mark got a question on a rumor that LEI would be included with the server for free.  Come on now, they charge like $50K per processor retail for that product.  Per sale.  DECS has been around got some a little better over the years, but I am guessing that you will never see that full type of LEI featureset in the core product for some time.
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    On Wednesday, September 28th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

Connectria in the press

It is a simple press release with a big bang.
Connectria Lands Two Contracts for Remote iSeries Management, Server Outsourcing

Two iSeries shops recently entered deals to move iSeries administration to Connectria, a provider of managed hosting services for iSeries and other platforms. Louis Vuitton, a French manufacturer of luxury consumer goods, will be utilizing Connectria's remote monitoring and management service for batch job processing, alerting of job suspensions or interruptions, PTF and upgrade management, maintenance scheduling, and back ups. Meanwhile, a consumer goods company of another sort, Ecko Unlimited, has also enlisted Connectria for some iSeries assistance. The New York City-based designer of "lifestyle brands" targeted at the hip-hop scene previously relied upon Connectria for basic iSeries administration functions, such as job scheduling, PTF applies, and back-ups, which were performed remotely. Now, Ecko has elected to put its iSeries equipment in Connectria's hands. In addition, Connectria will be hosting Ecko's Lotus Notes and Domino applications in its data centers. Connectria is an IBM business partner based in St. Louis. It charges customers about $2,000 to $3,000 per month for iSeries remote monitoring and administration, following one-time setup charges ranging from $3,500 to $8,500.

We don't seem to make these press releases very often as a lot of companies like to keep it under wraps.  But this one made it through all the proper channels

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    On Wednesday, July 13th, 2005   by Chris Miller