Lotus Protector Mail Security hardware requirements disappoint us immensely

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As a staunch blog/podcast supporter of Lotus Protector Mail Security software personally and even in our business plans, there was one underlying factor that never surfaced until recently.  I am not pleased with the crazy and seemingly redlining they did for hardware requirements.   Here is the link for the hardware specs (and I mean this not as a VM but an actual install on physical hardware to run as an appliance model).  The actual sentence here needs to be highlighted.

Lotus Protector for Mail Security 2.5 is certified to run natively on high quality, cost-effective IBM System x® hardware as a physical appliance

We do not run IBM hardware mainstream in the data center.  This was decided long ago and has not changed.  But, having an installer written specifically for IBM hardware makes no sense.  I should be able to take the iso and toss this Linux variable with Lotus Protector for Mail Security onto any hardware with minimum recommended space, RAM and processor.  That actual manufacturer of the hardware should have no bearing if it is able to run the same Linux version that the iso installs.  (SLES 10 for those keeping count).

Does it make sense to you that they wrote the installer for specific hardware in the attempt that enterprises want this?  Forget that it runs on VM.  Sure it can, but we want the hardware based appliance model.  Not just the VM option.