IdoCheckin lanches for Lotusphere 2011 #ls11

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IdoCheckin is back for the third year with some enhancements and changes. ( Recent news has Brightkite totally shutting down, so luckily, I already  switched everything over to Foursquare a short time ago.)

Note: IBM has mentioned a checkin service (listen to This Week in Lotus episode 30 yesterday about 44 minutes in) that they will run and it will work across services. The beauty is that there is only a couple major players (and GoWalla just announced they are using the Foursquare API and Facebook Places for unified checkin) so this will fit right in no matter what.  Plus we have the users already build from previous years!

What's New?
Every meeting room, public congregating area and more at Lotusphere has already been mapped.  You will be able to check in everywhere you go!  There is a main checkin for Lotusphere 2011 to let us know you arrive on site.  From there, pick anyplace and share.

Is there prizes?
Mayors at the end of the week for some randomly selected locations will have Bags 'O Schwag shipped to them (courtesy of Consultant In Your Pocket and Spiked Studio Productions).
Image:IdoCheckin lanches for Lotusphere 2011 #ls11

How many locations will there really be and what about duplicates?
Have no fear.  Duplicates will be merged together daily.  The goal is to have pretty much each room and main area (like the Dolphin Fountain) available.  Being able to find friends and make swarms is the goal here.  I would love to see everyone get a larger super duper or epic swarm badge.  If you do not find a site, create it yourself or let us know and I will make sure it gets created shortly.

Ok, so I am in and want to participate. Where do I get the client, find friends and get started?
This is the easy part.  You can get a client for most types of phones, and even use the web interface.  iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, Blackberry (Appworld link), Ovi and even more on the Foursquare site.

You can make sure to add myself.  From there make sure you let it search against your Twitter, Facebook or other friends to get started.  Onsite just find people checking into places like you and add them in!

Look for more news coming shortly.  Some additional pages are being added to show the major for each location to keep you up to date.