Blogger live interview of the executives at Lotusphere2009

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I am recording this as usual for a later podcast.  Excuse the typing noises you will hear.  But here we go.

  • Ads will continue globally with more marketing push.  A past weakness Lotus had.  Expect to see more online and tv soon
  • Jack Dausman asks:  we are seeing growth in Microsoft customers moving over to Lotus, Bruce Morse from UC says
  • Nathan Freeman asks:  Alister joked about legal and lawyers that had interfered with releases due to processes.
  • John Head asks:  Small 1000 person shops putting up items like Sharepoint/Office and doing it cheap (not well necessarily).  But where is the rapid development and document management moves from Lotus.  Jeff Schick brings up ECM integration and Quickr movements.  John reminds that the competitor has s single solution where you build your website, host your documents all in one.  Kevin Cavanaugh brings up Domino does well under 1000 employees, even with Foundations.  Plus xPages and extending Quickr further. Alister brings up Sharepoint is inadequate in many scenarios, past just a website.  Using social software and more.
  • Mitch Cohen asks:  What about the disparity in versions of backend systems required , like WAS.  Alister responds this is in discussion in the next iteration of Quickr and Connections.  This will grow over time to run across the products including WAS, DB2 and more.
  • Tom Duff questions: His company politics wants Sharepoint and he finds it frustrating he is fighting the battle and lost.  Lotus wasn't fighting it.  Kevin Cavanaugh brings up the attempt to have more coverage in the practice.  The coverage is about a pace now, now just around events.  it isn't just press releases and being on CNN as an ad at the bottom.
  • Jess Stratton asks: For LotusLive, as a small business owner, it might almost like a local chamber of commerce.  How do you plan on reaching this market?  The SBA has talked to Lotus about this type of offering and capability with small businesses.
  • Bob P joins us to cover the question that Notes 8 is not just an email client.  It is a major jump into enabling productivity.
  • Alister feels that xPages is a game changer in the future of building modern web apps on top of Domino.
  • It was brought up that Lotus should not just evolve and make a better product, but invent something new.  Bob P makes an interesting joke I will leave to the podcast.
  • Nathan continues to have his hand up and might be reaching explosion. He brings up how Lotusphere has been a case study in cloud computing.  How will Lotus evolve with non persistent connection?  Shawn makes some good points about lack of connection.  Alister brings up appliance/cloud integration.
  • I asked about Saas and Foundations and clouds.  I will type long answer later from Shawn, Alister and Kevin.
  • Alan Lepofsky brings up phenomenal to hear about Linkedin, Skype and etc.  No more purple icons for Portal.