IdoNotes Episode 47 - the Bloggers interview of Mike Rhodin at Lotusphere2008

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Mike Rhodin sits down with the bloggers soon after the Opening General Session at Lotusphere 2008 to cover a wide array of topics that each blogger got to ask on the fly with no questions known in advance by Mike in this second annual edition (to catch last year's visit IdoNotes Episode 26):

  • Lotus Connections
  • What Mike finds disruptive in the workplace (and you might find this one interesting)
  • Mike highlights a couple items they could not fit into the Opening General Session
  • Lotus and it's attempt to enter the hosted world with Bluehouse. At 13:20 (or so) Mike states that Bluehouse has a long way to go, jump in and listen with Everyzing on my podcast tab.
  • How do we push Lotus education courses into the local tech colleges and schools?
  • Mike made his Superbowl XLII pick, see if he was correct
  • Where are the "Add to Lotus" toolbars on the web?
  • How did Lotus fare against the competitors this year?
  • When will Lotus update and give away a set of killer templates?
  • Another Bluehouse followup and SAAS within Lotus
  • How will Lotus leverage the social aspect of the community?

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