IdoCheckin - Making the iPhone app easier to use

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Thanks to Rob McDonagh of CaptainOblivious, he came up with an easy way for the iPhone users to keep checkpoints ready to go:

At least for iPhone users, by far the easiest way to checkin to a place at Lotusphere is to placemark those spots you pre-defined for us.  Just search for them on the website and when they come up, hit the Placemark link and give them a name.  If they're placemarked, they show up in a list on the iPhone, which makes it pathetically easy to use them (you have to touch More first, which I wish they would change, then Placemarks, then pick the right checkin button from the list).  The only annoyance (other than the extra "More" touch) is that the locations are listed in reverse order from when they were added.  That probably makes a ton of sense in most scenarios, but in this case it winds up being reverse alphabetical if people use the list you posted on the blog.