IdoCheckin benefits - SMS cheatsheet (or use the web) for Lotusphere

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Many have asked, ok what can I do besides check myself into an IdoCheckin checkpoint at Lotusphere.  What benefit does using a Checkpoint give me?  Let me start with the easy things.  If IBM approves the signs, checkpoints will be identified with the name of the checkpoint and the commands to always get help if you get stuck.  But I wanted you to understand some of the cool things you can do at any of the checkpoints (previous blog post listing checkpoints):

  • Where username - sending this command gets you the last checked in location for the person's name entered
  • Who place name - using this command gets you everyone currently checked into a specific place, like DolphinDining
  • Join username - This checks you in at the same place as someone else, let the gathering begin
  • Leave - this is what it says, you are leaving the checked in place
  • ! - this lets you post a comment or note to the place you are checked in
  • POSTPHOTO - you can upload a photo from your phone for that place

Without going through them all I wanted to get the key ones out there.  For the complete listing or SMS based ones (you can always use the web people!), just visit this reference page.