Enterprise Twitter solutions arrive, Sametime suffers or thrives?

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We all know that IBM has had their internal BlueTwit ability, but there was no enterprise driven Twitter like software until recently.  Then 2 bigger ones came out of the gates. I hit a big thought at the end about Yammer, so stay with me

 Let's break them down real quick and see how that they might further improve communication or displace conversations more:

Yammer - free for your company up front, unless you want more admin controls.  Then there is a nominal monthly fee.  Only users from your domain may join your group, since it uses email verification to do so.  From there you get a choice of:

  • web interface
  • Blackberry client
  • iPhone client
  • desktop client
  • email, mobile and IM notifications are available
The beauty is the native tagging inside of it.  So not only do we get the short microblog feel of 140 characters, we get hashtags in postings to find and view information quickly.  If you want to add the management abiltiy it runs about $1 per user/mnth for a totally hosted solution. - This is an open source solution you deploy at your own site.  Totally free software to create your own little Twitter empire.  The good news is that desktop software such as Twhirl works against it and there is more coming.  Poeple such as Leo Laporte are already deploying servers to bring in all of their site members for a more private community feeling.  There is API's, a developers community, libraries, apps and more.  There is a growing and long list of servers running the code found on their wiki too

In reality, the integration with your existing systems is not there (possible with so Sametime has a stronghold.  But for those small SMB people that just want some alternative communication abilities in the 2.o world, it is an option.  I really do not see this in any way replacing Sametime, so calm down.  I do so it splitting the conversation into yet another fragmented place that will have to be controlled and somehow integrated.
  • Curiously, there is no way to stop people in your company from starting up on Yammer unless you block all incoming verification messages in your spam filters.  Anyone could start it and be the manager.
  • does not have the same problem as you need the server installed, so my guess is that would be harder to get in place.