Domino 7, iSeries and HTTP. Shake well and Panic

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As reported today by one of the top notch, high quality sleeping admins here.  A customer has reported numerous HTTP crashes with Domino 7 on iSeries.  Through the magic of Automatic Diagnostic Collection and the Fault Analyzer task on our Domino 7 collection server, we saw and had in hand the NSD files for Lotus support.

PANIC: Object handle is invalid                                              
Fatal Error signal=0x00000005 JOB=HTTP/QNOTES/054112   PID/TID=124/0x0000002d

They apparently were pleased and impressed that we had it working.  We use Notes to Notes routing for all of our customers to drop NSDs to a mail-in database for collection and tracking purposes.  After Lotus received it they stated it is an exact match for some other customers and they are working on coding a patch right now.

Bless ADC and Fault Analyzer tasks in Domino 7