Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar - Chicago Day 2

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Today's goal was to build the environment, apply proper administration best practices (including monitoring), configure the Sametime 7.5 client (including policies and updates) and then a segway into mobile device support for Sametime.  Including some first time shown screenshots of Sametime 7.5 natively on the Blackberry.  Business card support looked nice.  The black and blue font was there for the chat, but it says emoticon support will be there in addition.

Questions today revolved around firewalls, upgrades, client options and configurations and a slew of other items that applied to particular setups.  It was good to see the whole Sametime plan come together in some of their eyes in how we started from the groundfloor and moved into architecture and deployment of the clients.

Overall, the group was eager to deploy 7.5 and we discussed and addressed some internal roadblocks.  I mentioned custom IM policies and, as expected, most did not have that yet.  Internet use and email policies, yes.

I started the discussion on mobile devices with Sametime 7.5 before handing off the final session to Paul Steel of RIM. He took everyone through the initial architecture and level setting.  They were prepared with questions and hit him right away.  Can't wait to see what the whole day tomorrow dedicated to Blackberry brings then.