Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar - Chicago Day 1

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Now the humorous part is that the total hotel lost power this morning at around 7:15am.  So that meant walking down the stirs from upper floors, power generators in the meeting room for the projector and laptops and candles on all the tables for some light.  (it was quite cloudy and dreary outside)  About halfway through the first session it all came back on.

I have had the link to the
Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar on the side of my blog for some time.  An excellent turnout for the first city with over 120,000 Sametime users represented with versions ranging from 3.0 to 7.5.  Many did not have Sametime installed anywhere at this point.

After covering the bandwidth and basic server build session, many were left for lack of better words, stunned.  You can consume unbelievable amounts of bandwidth with audio/video in place and configured for higher quality.

IBM took the stage to do two sessions (one in progress) on Web Conferencing and one on IM.  They were built around the high end of show and tell, not just marketing, but not highly technical.

After lunch we jumped into plug-ins in the Sametime client.  From building to deploying and where they get updated from.   Peeked at a couple samples and showed some security concerns around them

Last session of the day was opening your environment to the public networks with the RTC Gateway.  More on that shortly.