Creating the Admin pack for Nomad

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There has been talk out there of how to do Nomad for installations and some tips on using Admin.  I took this a bit further a few months ago when playing with Nomad over the versions/fixes.  Admin.exe was an easy part to rectify, after you remembered you needed some ntf files (events4, domadmin) to make it happy.  But let's add in more of the fun tools and you get a real client you can take around:

Remote Server Setup
Java Console
Notes Peek
Notes Ping


Now I cannot go and give away all the little secrets, but you get a great headstart here.

Do not try and install Nomad straight from the downloadable code, you must unpack it first.  I am hearing rumblings of those trying to install with the flags right from the exe file, which does nothing but install onto your local machine.  I quite image that Susan Bulloch will have many more comments on that thought.