Collaboration University Day 2 and announcement

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Today was a jam packed day, just like KC with the most technical sessions taking place.  I saw too many happy faces and a lot of people looking like their brains had been overflowed.  Just like a university should do.

Now on for the news. Yesterday Ken Bisconti, Vice President Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Products had his opening session.  Now he made a comment we debated posting at first, but since it was said in front of people from 12 countries in a general forum, here is the snapshot that I am paraphrasing (yes that means not direct word for word but the whole thing in a very clear nutshell):

You will see the name Workplace being pulled from products and being shown as a strategy and direction.

Yes, the Workplace being removed from products, but very much the focus and strategy.  While I can see some industry analysts and other vendors taking a poke at this maneuver, I can also see the strategy position and stance in the marketplace.  Instead of seeing more and more Workplace products, you can then fold the Notes Domino name, Portal and other pieces under this strategy.  With the J2EE footprint in Sametime 7.5 and Hannover, it already existed in other product areas of Workplace.  So cross naming didn't work unless you take a step back and widen the umbrella.