Domino 8.5 is doing the disk space savings dance here

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We had been doing it in testing mode but went a little larger scale with the new DAOS (Domino Attachment Object Service).  It works, right out of the box folks.

  • Set up transaction logging
  • make the ODS in 8.5 format (50)
  • click a few flags
  • start firing off the attachments

The benefits of usage and savings were staggering in the on disk sizes.  Savings were in the 40-50% range right now.  Here is the good news many people are missing.  It is not shared mail in any way.  it uses new NLO (Notes Large Object) file types and the darn thing works across ANY freaking database that shares the attachment and is enabled for DAOS.

DId I say any database?  Yes, discussions, and soon I would think Quickr.