Lotus Bluehouse makes me blue

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The Lotus Bluehouse homepage shows what is contained as features inside the product.  I even did a great podcast with Martha and Satwik in Episode 49.  Overall the site has performed well with a clean interface.  Past that I can't talk much about what it offers.  My focus here is the idea that business will use Bluehouse as SAAS.

I just don't see the adoption occurring.  With Lotus Foundations floundering in the east; and Bluehouse in the west; with the large Google Apps bringing the cold chill of SMB domination from the north, migrating south to full in house Domino implementations doesn't sound half bad.  I want to see the wrapper of Bluehouse able to integrate with my current infrastructure as an extension point, not  a choice.

Activities integration is cool, online meetings is excellent with the Unyte portfolio, and sharing files always works well.  But with no true email integration it hurts.  You can do Sametime for the chat capabilities, but if Bluehouse is shared, how do they just let me see my co-workers?

I don't know, I might not get "it" just yet, but Lotus has tried SAAS many times over, and as one of their larger hosting providers that has tried every part of it, the attached wings with Domino and SAAS won't fly until things like provisioning, isolation, and proper user management can happen.