I received a link from someone for the new Radicati Group survey

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It was for the 2006 Messaging and Collaboration Survey. Go click and take it yourself.  It didn't take the full 10-12 minutes to complete.  But there was wording of one question that caught my eye of judgement.  As a person that selected I use Domino, they asked also if we planned IBM Workplace Messaging.  Well a question that followed asked about my future plans on product use.  Notice the choice A entry?

26.         What is your messaging plan?
        A) Stick with Domino for as long as possible  
        B) Move to MS Exchange  
        C) Move to another competitive product  
        D) Move to a hosted solution  
        E) Other (Please explain below) :

What the hell does that infer?  Stick with it as long as possible?  I don't think they read the long terms plans of Notes and Domino at all.  They basically make you state that you know Domino is going away, even though we know that it is not.  What QA person let this slip by, wait I know, the group putting the survey on.