Sametime server starting to hang using the integrated client? Patches and more patches

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Notes Instant Messaging encounters a looping condition causing the Sametime server to become unresponsive or to hang.


Under very specific circumstances the Sametime server can receive incoming requests at an extremely high rate from the Notes client.  These incoming requests must be resolved in order for instant messaging users to communicate and share presence information.  As a result of receiving these requests at an extremely high rate, the Sametime server can become unresponsive as it consumes system resources during the processing of these incoming messages.

The Sametime servers' state of unresponsiveness may manifest itself as out-of-memory errors or by disconnecting from the Sametime Mux (which is used to route instant messages).

Symptoms of this problem can include:

  • The nlnotes process on the Notes client spikes to 100%.  Logging off from Notes client IM returns the CPU on the nlnotes process to normal.
  • The CPU on multiple processes on the Sametime server are pegged at above normal rates that may eventually reach 100%.
  • Attempting to open a chat session with another client shows the message "Initializing chat: Resolving User Name".  This is an organization-wide outage.
  • Attempting to add someone to a contact list will take an inordinate amount of time.
  • On iSeries this problem will appear as an abnormal termination of the StMux task.  You would probably not notice a CPU spike because the CPU has so much processing power available.

To fix this problem, the Notes client must be upgraded to 6.5.5 CCH1, 7.0 CCH1 or 7.0.1.  If upgrading to these versions is not an option, the administrator can request a hotfix for 6.5.3 and 6.5.4.