Lotusphere2008 - like an arline, now taking Hands-on standby’s

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Apparently an email went out last night to many of you letting you pre-register for hands-on sessions.  Oddly, I am one of many who did not get it and when I finally got the URL forwarded, it said I was not even allowed to reserve a slot in any hands-on session.

I saw this idea floating around weeks ago and had mixed emotion.  While I like the idea of not having the mad scramble, what happens to those that would have waited hours at a door and did not get this email in time?  What happens when someone does not show so the Southwest Airlines stand-by lines begin?  How disappointing to be the 10th stand-by and 9 make it in.  I think the most disturbing was that it was a late at night email in batches (some got it as early as 9pm PST apparently).  How does everyone get a fair shot at sessions and are speakers not eligible?  Is everyone pleased with how they got the chance to attend a hands-on session?  Did you make it in?  Did you make all the ones you wanted?