Office 365 implements Secure Score analyzing your deployment

Microsoft Office 365 has launched a new tool called Secure Score that analyzes risk to your data in Office 365 and how to help secure it.
Image:Office 365 implements Secure Score analyzing your deployment
Secure Score figures out what Office 365 services you are using, then looks at your configuration and behaviors and compares it to a baseline asserted by Microsoft. If your configuration and behaviors are in line with best practices, you will get points, which you can track over time.

Read more on this over at IdoOffice365 blog (yes that one launched quietly a while ago)
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    On Tuesday, October 25th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for October 2016

IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for October 2016. Here is some of the updates.

SmartCloud Notes web and IBM Verse

Unsupported browser warning message

We plan to enable a new warning message, October 2016.  When someone is using an unsupported browser to access IBM SmartCloud Notes web or IBM Verse, a warning message will be displayed at the top of the browser as soon as the unsupported version is detected.  The message will say, "It looks like your browser might not give you the best experience.Click here for a list of supported browsers."  Users will be able to close the warning message to get it out of the way.  The unsupported browser warning message could be displayed before the user interface fully loads.  It will display each time the user loads or reloads the page, and it will display in tear-off windows.
Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for October 2016
On or after November 19, 2016, there will be an additional impact to someone using an unsupported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (earlier than IE11) in particular with SmartCloud Notes web.  Users with browsers earlier than Internet Explorer 11 will see the new unsupported browser warning message and SmartCloud Notes web will not work.  Users will notice they can no longer access SmartCloud Notes web from the navbar.  We strongly encourage you to upgrade end users with unsupported versions of Internet Explorer to avoid any interruption of mail for those users, and to upgrade all end users to the supported browsers for Connections Cloud, for the best experience.

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    On Friday, October 21st, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM working on P2P mobile application

As part of the Innovation Hub, IBM has asked for feedback on a Partner to Partner mobile application to foster communication
In this survey, we are asking you to provide us with early stage feedback on a P2P app IBM is currently developing

At first I thought it was peer to peer before opening and seeing the actual survey.  Then I saw it was Partner to Partner
IBM is currently working on creating a mobile app specifically to enable partner-to-partner collaboration within the IBM partner ecosystem.

The mobile app is intended to allow a partner to either enter a new partnering need or to search and respond to other partners’ partnering needs, specifically in the context of meeting requirements of an existing end client opportunity.

They have some mockup screens hand drawn in the survey. Basically, you pick and industry and keywords and go from there.  If you are a business partner with IBM and want to give some feedback, head over to the survey
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    On Wednesday, October 19th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Champion 2017 nominations are open

The IBM Champion Program is a community rewards program giving those that showcase IBM acknowledgement. Often, it is the business partners and customers that have larger voices than IBM themselves. You have until Nov 14 2016 to nominate for all IBM Champion areas.
The IBM Champion program recognizes innovative thought leaders in the technical community -- and rewards these contributors by amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere of influence. An IBM Champion is an IT professional, business leader, developer, or educator who influences and mentors others to help them make best use of IBM software, solutions, and services.
IBM Champions are not employees of IBM.

Gabriella Davis and Theo Heselmans were honored with Lifetime Champion awards in January of this year showing you the value that IBM sees in those that work so hard and donate so much of their time.  The webcast they both participated in is online now and it a great resource for anyone wanting to become a champion, nominate a champion or see what the program is all about.
IBM Champion 2017 nominations
Do you know someone that is always sharing information, on Twitter or other social media answering questions (I include forums in this), presenting at user group events or just there via email when you need help? That is someone to nominate in any of the IBM Champion areas.

What is the IBM Champion program meant to me? I have been so so lucky to be part of the Social Business Champions since 2011 when it started.  Personally, it is about organizing free events like ICON US, sharing information via the blog you are reading now, my Facebook network page where I share articles, LinkedIn, monthly newsletters (sign up at the right) and YouTube videos.  Sometimes I use them as my own personal resource when I want to remember something important for even myself but know it likely has value to others as well.

I try hard to nominate many of my peers because that is a gentle bow to them thanking them for all the free hard work they have done sharing, getting on late phone calls, sending free code and more. Being an IBM Champion is about the sharing and the community more than the title.

There are a bunch of fields to fill out so do not be afraid to reach out to that person. Just asking them let;s them know they reached someone who thinks they are a Champion.  Visit the IBM Champion site here including the nomination form.
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    On Tuesday, October 18th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

YI Action Camera review

I excitedly opened the Official U.S. version of the YI Action Camera in this cool lime green face and teal body colors. (Apparently there is also an all white and all black version out there too).  The packaging was a simple cardboard and contained the camera, instruction booklet (only in Chinese), the battery and a micro USB cable for charging.  I put it on the charger, watched a giant red ring light up and waited patiently.
YI Action Camera live view
While charging the camera I headed to get a micro SD card (they recommend a 16-128GB class 10 or UHS-1) and figure out what the other port was for under one of the back tabs.  I discovered the other port was a micro HDMI. NO cable is included for this connection however. The other tab on the back of the YI Action Camera was placement for the battery itself that I had already figured out.  Pay special attention to the needed direction of the pins on the battery to match to the camera slot. Since the battery is a rectangle it is possible to put it in backwards, upside down or both.
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    On Friday, October 14th, 2016   by Chris Miller