Dog & Bone LockSmart weatherproof bluetooth padlock review

This Dog & Bone LockSmart padlock is a heavy duty, waterproof and Bluetooth enabled. It just rocks We happily got to see this at CES 2016 and couldn't wait to get it to test out. You feel the weight right away just from the packaging which has the lock and a micro USB cable to charge it up.

You find the charging port for the Dog&Bone LockSmart inside the orange rubber seal at the bottom. A single charge is reportedly good for 3000 opens or up to two years. The application that you need to work with the lock also has a battery indicator. Have no fear if the battery ever does you only need a few minutes charge to get it open.
Dog&Bone LockSmart and app

The lock itself has no keyhole or push pad mechanism. It is totally sealed except for the small slot on the bottom. With the flap closed, you push on it and it "wakes" the lock up for use. By default, the lock will stay in ready mode for 5 minutes. You can also enable battery savings mode in the app reducing that down to 20 seconds. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge and the LED on the lock will show you when it is ready.
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    On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016   by Chris Miller        

iPhone Lens Kit Showdown for 6/6S/Plus YOPO vs DAOTS

I had the chance to test out multiple lens kits for the iPhone 6/6S/Plus recently.  Here is the YOPO and DAOTS lens kit showdown and the reviews with links.

YOPO Camera Lens Kit
The box for the YOPO iPhone Lens kit comes packed with surprises.  A carrying bag for the tripod, zoom lens, fish eye, wide angle and a macro lens are all inside.  I preferred this kit of the two with the better tripod, counter weight and overall look.  The phone cases themselves were identical and were there to only attach the lenses. Not to protect the phone.

See my entire review with video for the  YOPO iPhone Lens kit  right here.
YOPO iPhone Lens Kit

DAOTS DT-00092 iPhone Lens Kit
This DAOTS DT-00092 iPhone lens kit  also has quite a bit in the bag including the zoom lens, fish eye, macro and wide angle lens.  One addition to the above is a smaller clip that lets you put the small lenses on the clip and then quickly put those on and off.  The zoom would be quite large and have to use with the clip itself I found and tends to slide.  See my full review with video for the DAOTS DT-00092 iPhone lens kit  right here
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    On Friday, May 27th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Project Hawthorn Today & Tomrrow at ICON US 2016 replay!

Luis Guirigay of IBM to presented IBM Project Hawthorn: Today, Tomorrow, On Prem and Cloud at ICON US 2016. He covered the following in his ICON US 2016 session:
Since IBM introduced “Project Hawthorn” (aka IBM mail support for MS Outlook) many customers have been taking advantage of this new deployment option to provide Mail to users using their client of preference. Project Hawthorn provides the unique capability of “Bring Your Own Client (BYOC)” by allowing them to use MS Outlook without having to replace the IBM Domino platform. Use this in conjunction with the Notes Browser Plugin and XPages and provide a unique experience. Come to this session and walk away with a clear understanding of IBM’s strategy, Best Practices and tons of tips from the field.

This session was sponsored by Teamcentric Technologies

See all of the IdoNotes articles on IBM Project Hawthown and watch the replay above.
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    On Tuesday, May 17th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

ICON US 2016 keynote replay is available

ICON US 2016 completed last week and the keynote was from Rob Koplowitz of IBM. The replay is online and he did a fantastic job conveying:
..a vision for unleashing cognitive capabilities and advanced analytics to create a more intelligent collaboration environment that assists employees and proactively surfaces experts and insights. See IBM's vision on the role of AI based Personal Assistants and cognitive Expert sources that will drive breakthrough results and move your organization and those you serve into the Cognitive Era.

Look for replays and online recording of the sessions from all of the speakers shortly.
Teamstudio logo
ICON US wants to thank Teamstudio as the Premier sponsor for this keynote session.
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    On Monday, May 16th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM announces the IBM Collaboration Solutions 2016 Developer Competition at ICON US

IBM has announced their 2016 ICS Developer Competition at ICON US with solutions leveraging Bluemix. Registration for the competition open may 13th with the competition running from Jun 9-Sep 9,2016. Did we mention prizes?
We're looking for you to work together with colleagues in your company, or even better, in other companies to take an IBM Domino or IBM Connections system and leverage IBM Bluemix and the many services like IBM Watson, Box, Internet of Things, to deliver an engaging experience for mobile, web or Notes 9 client.

Make sure you head over to after May 13, 2016 with your team members to sign up.

Prizes will include:
  • IBM developerWorks Premium subscriptions for all members of the winning and runner-up teams
  • A cash bonus to have a party
  • A trophy for the team members
  • Recognition at IBM Connect 2017 in San Francisco

Solutions will be added to OpenNTF for the community to access the source code.

Seats are still open for day 2 in registration for ICON US !!! Hurry though before it fills and closes
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    On Monday, May 9th, 2016   by Chris Miller