Where Did I Land?

I promised a follow-up posting of where I decided to land after searching for months in the Covid technology landscape ( and we have to admit some wasteland of companies that fell). I am happy to say I am now at HCL in a unique role. It all started thinking about the Domino community, the changes and advancement in the technology and the growth to the platform HCL has eagerly provided.

Airplane landing

After learning more about wide range of areas in HCL opportunities, we found that an even better fit for my background existed than just the collaboration space. As of Feb 1, 2021 I started as Continue Reading here" Where Did I Land?" »
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    On Wednesday, February 10th, 2021   by Chris Miller        

Where have I been? (and where am I going)

I took a much longer break in blogging, podcasting and videocasting than I originally anticipated.  Of course, the world pandemic extended it a bit further when Covid-19 changed how we work.  Let me back up toward the end of 2018.

Blog is warming Back Up

After 20 years at Connectria, it was time to take a sabbatical and relax the mind.  I took six months to travel, rest, reflect and look ahead. Continue Reading here" Where have I been? (and where am I going)" »
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    On Tuesday, January 26th, 2021   by Chris Miller        

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player (3rd Generation)

Google just launched the third generation Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player with a new look, some new features and the same price tag as before.  It comes in white and charcoal

Image:Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player (3rd Generation)

What does this new Google Chromecast version bring? In full 1080p you can stream 60fps which in previous versions was only available in 720p.  Google also reports a 15% hardware speed improvement which should help with the new video capability. They also slightly changed the look of the Chromecast but since it sits behind the TV at most houses you never notice.

See It. Stream It.
The idea behind Chromecast   Continue Reading here" Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player (3rd Generation)" »
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    On Monday, October 15th, 2018   by Chris Miller        

Statiistics 101 using IBM SPSS achieved

In my earlier blog post I stated more variance in content would be coming. Well variance fits right in with statistics and analyzing data. So I used SPSS and the OpenBadge course from IBM to further my learning.
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    On Friday, September 28th, 2018   by Chris Miller        

IBM Domino 10 and Sametime #domino2025

IBM and HCL had a webcast/chat about IBM Sametime and the futures of the product. Overall, it seems the feedback they have received is based around simplifying the product deployment, keep most every feature and simply make it easier to use meetings, video and tuning.
IBM Sametime logo

In Sametime 9.01 for Notes 10 IBM will allow the use of the mobile client (some limitations) with the entitlement.  There that summarizes the initial license change.  One simple line.

In the first half of 2019 IBM will add some other things to Sametime 10    Continue Reading here" IBM Domino 10 and Sametime #domino2025" »
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    On Thursday, September 20th, 2018   by Chris Miller