Top 10 reasons to choose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business over Microsoft Office 365

IBM has released Top 10 reasons to choose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business over Microsoft Office 365 whitepaper. Here are some highlights.
IBM SmartCloud versus Office 365
Documents from either IBM Connections or SmartCloud for Social Business which are synced to your laptop or mobile device are encrypted. Microsoft’s offline files are not encrypted which may result in the loss of confidential information if your device is lost or stolen.

This is generally a large requirement by organizations. I would not be surprised to see them address this though.
An internal IBM study showed that people located information 32% more quickly using tags because tags allow us to express relationships that are not readily apparent in the content. An Office 365 search would only return items that match the searched text, tagged items are not returned in the results. Tagged items can only be located by browsing a tag cloud

That can be a great selling point as long as users are actually tagging items.

From there I am not too sure about some of the others as organizations just don't seem to care. I am being honest in saying that when we talk to companies that are looking at Office 365 for just mail, the rest of this are things that just come along with mail. They will still use Domino for apps for a long time to come, but it is the mail experience driving the change.  Hopefully IBM Mail Next will help in that area.

Get you hands on the Top 10 reasons to choose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business over Microsoft Office 365 whitepaper (seems you have to be a partner to get it after some digging, I am looking for a public link)
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IBM ConnectED 2015 conference tracks

IBM has placed the ConnectED 2015 tracks online for the January 25-28, 2015 event replacing IBM Connect/Lotusphere. Gone are BOFs and Show and Tell but a new tracks take theirs place.
IBM ConnectED 2015 tracks
IBM has introduced Chalktalk Sessions in track seven to replace BOFs. This means a more interactive and open communication approach to the early morning/late evening sessions.  Also new is "Beyond the Everyday" which gets itself in quotes and seems to place the Show and Tell track.

The rest seem to be pretty close to the same. See more and register early for IBM ConnectED 2015.
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    On Monday, September 15th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

Google launches Cloud platform for startups

Google has come out with an offering to give startups $100,000 in credit with full support of application, database and storage servers and all their Cloud Platform products.
Google Cloud platform logo

Getting eligible is not too difficult:
  • You must be in an approved accelerator, incubator or VC fund
  • Have not received Cloud Platform credits before
  • You have less that $5M in funding
  • Currently less than $500,000 in annual revenue
Even companies like SnapChat are on the Cloud Platform at Google. Which gives them a good edge at drawing in more incubators and VCs.  Everything runs on Google infrastructure with a ton of products and solutions.

Know a startup? Here is where they need to start at the Google Cloud Platform
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    On Friday, September 12th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

Does Server_Restricted Do What You Think?

In another SocialBizUg article I had to question how we think about the Server Restricted ability in Domino. It does not always work how we think it should.
Since IBM offers it we definitely want to use server_restricted=x with the appropriate value.  There are four possible values (previous to 8.5.2 FP3 there was only 2):

The problem is that some of the options still have unintended results.  Mainly allowing users access to the server still based on database ACL rights. You can read the whole article on SocialBizUg right here.
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    On Thursday, September 11th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

iLuv Wavecast Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker review

The iLuv Wavecast Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes in four colors, with the pink apparently hard to find. The sound quality was decent for such a lightweight device. It sits at just under one pound in weight.
iLuv Wavecast Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
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    On Tuesday, September 9th, 2014   by Chris Miller