Coin Virtual Mobile Wallet review

The Coin is a credit card device that allows you to carry multiple credit cards, rewards, membership and debit cards all in one. We take the Coin through a month long testing.  Read along and see the YouTube video for unboxing, setup and more on usage.

Look and Feel
The first ting we noticed about the Coin was the resemblance to an actual credit card. The sizing and thickness were the same. The look of Coin is sleek being all black except for a small LCD type window where information is displayed.  The back has your personal name and a signature block area for identification purposes if needed. There is no added weight and the solid black color with white trim/lettering really stands out when you use it.
Coin device in hand
The front of the Coin has a small button below the LCD screen where it displays a few key things from cards you have synched to it.  A four letter abbreviation of the card, the last four digits and the expiration date (if applicable) are shown. This prevents anyone from ever seeing an entire account number.
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    On Monday, August 31st, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for August 2015

IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for August 2015. Here is some of the updates:

Send Encrypted Mail (available on or after August 31)

IBM Verse now offers the ability to send signed and/or encrypted mail from within the Verse client experience.

Updates to Needs Action and Waiting For (available on or after August 31)

The sort order for messages with due dates in the Needs Action and Waiting For message lists has changed. The messages now sort with the nearest due date at the top of the list. This follows the pattern of other message lists which sort with most current messages at the top.

File Viewer updates (available on or after August 31)

A new feature in IBM Verse allows subscribers to open attachments or links in a new browser window, so they can work in Verse and preview files and links at the same time. Another new capability, the "Upload to Files" button has also been added to the viewer, allowing subscribers to upload direct to their cloud files

Team Analytics Updates
(available on or after August 31)
  • The Team Analytics UI has been updated to improve the user experience. Changes include:
  • Adding the number of addresses to the information in the header of the Team Analytics display, for example: PEOPLE ON THIS MESSAGE (11)
  • Changing the contents of a bubble when a photo is not available from a silhouette to showing initials
  • Making your location in the report to chain more prominent by adding a “You” graphic just below your location.
  • Updating the layout of the grid for individuals who are external to your organization or not included in the report to chain and making it collapsible
Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for August 2015

Open Notes applications from Verse and SmartCloud Notes web (available on or after August 17)

Subscribers that open messages containing Lotusscript or Formula language buttons will see a message at the top of the message such as "This message contains content that needs to be viewed using IBM Notes or IBM Client Application Access". Once the subscriber clicks the "Open" button, the message will be opened in IBM Notes or IBM Client Application Access (ICAA). This feature is disabled by default. You enable it through the new option, Allow browser users to open messages with scripted elements, in the Email & Calendar Options page of IBM SmartCloud Administration.

Business cards help identify correct mail recipient (available on or after August 31)

Now you can open the business card of any suggested name in type ahead to make sure you're addressing the right person.

SmartCloud Notes

Audio and Video Chat in Web Experience (available on or after August 22)

Audio and video has been added to chat in SmartCloud Notes Web. Now you can see and hear colleagues for more effective communication.
Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for August 2015

Name Picker available from anywhere (available on or after August 18)

The name picker, which allows you to pick addresses from a corporate directory, is now available for forms outside of Mail and Calendar. In addition, the name picker allows you to add multiple criteria to quickly narrow down the search results and find the specific person you are searching for.

The name picker is available for To Do, Group Calendar, and Preferences, among other locations.

Only subscribers who use “Standards mode” will see this change.

Return Receipt support for SMTP mail for SmartCloud Notes and Verse (available on or after August 31)

SmartCloud Notes and Verse users can now use return receipts when sending email outside of the organization. You can now send a message to someone outside of your immediate organization and when that person opens the message, a return receipt is generated and sent back to confirm receipt of the message. This was previously only available between users inside the same organization.

Administrators can use API to upload ID files to vault (available on or after August 17)

Administrators and developers now have the capability to automate the upload of Notes ID files for Verse and SmartCloud Notes users into the ID Vault by using a REST API.

Administrators can control access to mail files from administrator interface (available on or after August 17)

Company administrators can now control access to mail files through the Users page of the IBM SmartCloud® Notes® administration interface.

Previously, IBM services needed to review, and then apply the template to the users. Administrators can now make the ACL changes directly against the mail file, saving them time and money.


Chat from the navigation bar (available on or after August 22)

You can now get to chat options directly from the top navigation bar.

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for August 2015


Move communities for better organization (available on or after August 22)

A new feature supports the ability to move communities - either standalone communities to sub-communities of another parent community or from a sub-community to a parent community.

Access File Preview from more places (available on or after August 22)

IBM has expanded how you can access file preview. When you click on a file link from wikis, blogs, and forums, the file preview will open.

Updated Login Experience

A new streamlined image will be shown during login or logout.

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for August 2015

Read more about these enhancements right here

See the past cloud enhancements posts on the IdoNotes blog
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    On Thursday, August 27th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM Cloud Portfolio Navigator (for Business Partners)

IBM has released the IBM Cloud Portfolio Navigator as a pdf file that you navigate. It was made to hopefully help you wade through the vast cloud portfolio IBM offers.  I am not sure it helps.
IBM Cloud Portfolio Navigator
With over 440 pages (at time of this blog post) it is massive.
Three entry points are provided to discover our IBM cloud portfolio:
By the client initiative (e.g. Cloud Enabled Data Center, Business Solutions)
By the capability (e.g. Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
By the brand (e.g. Software, Hardware, Services)
The tool includes built in navigation which allows you to quickly get to the information you need:
Client's key initiatives by buyer, pain, and value proposition
One-page offering summary information with features, business value and client benefits
Offering sales kits on PartnerWorld

I found that many pages were so heavy with text that using this for presentations was difficult.  WE are going to try and make our own trimmed down version to simply working with new customers.

You can access the landing page with the living PDF link for the IBM Cloud Portfolio Navigator here.
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    On Wednesday, August 19th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM announces flexible demo accounts for Business Partners

IBM has had demo accounts for Business Partners in the IBM Connection S1 Cloud for a while, but has now enhanced the offering.
Flexible Service Activation for Connections Cloud S1 Demo Accounts
The new Flexible Service Activation part for IBM Connections Cloud S1 Demo accounts, allows Business Partners to selectively activate components of the bundled S1 service.

PartnerWorld members are eligible for this no charge, one year renewable Business Partner demonstration account for up to 30 authorized users. Progress your Q3 deals and demonstrate the full capabilities of the S1 bundle, with full administrator access and hybrid mail support:
  • IBM Verse
  • Mobile Apps
  • Connections Social
  • Document Editors
  • Instant Messaging
  • Web Meetings (with Audio/Video)
Check out the IBM Connections Cloud wiki for more on this flexible Business Partner demo account provisioning
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    On Monday, August 17th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Brinks Push Pull Rotate Door Lock review

Brinks has created an awesome line of door locks and handles that allow you to push, pull or rotate the handle to open them. We take a look at an interior door lever model. See the review video on Amazon
 Brinks Push Pull or Rotate door lever

I was hesitant when thinking this Brinks Push Pull or Rotate door lever would be useful or work as advertised. This doorknob just makes life simpler. The ability to work with the door when your hands are full by bumping the handle, pulling the handle or using it regularly makes you frustrated when you get to other standard doorknobs that do not have the same feature.
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    On Wednesday, August 12th, 2015   by Chris Miller