HCL furthers Domino license simplification with more changes and CCB license explanations

HCL has announced the retirement of the Domino Utility Server and Domino Utility Express licenses and part numbers with a push to HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Business Edition (CCB).  What does this mean for you?
  1. This change in licensing is aimed at improving the user experience
  2. The new change introduces the CCB, CCX (for eXternal) and the CCS (for ISVs).  More on this in a moment
  3. The change is aimed to offer all the features at a per user get severything model  via simple user counting.
  4. There is now a Anonymous and Known Guest user  type
  5. Domino AppDev Pack Supporting Program is also EOS and EOM with a push to the Domino REST APIs
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    On Thursday, June 29th, 2023   by Chris Miller        

HCL Nomad update for iOS 16.4 released to mitigate a defect

HCL Software has released version 1.0.29 of HCL Nomad to mitigate a launch issue after upgrading to iOS 16/4
This release focused more on mitigating the defect that we are encountering after upgrading to iOS 16.4 wherein when opening a 'Notes://" link, it opens the native iOS application instead of opening HCL Nomad

If you are experiencing this after your iOS upgrade I would head over to HCL Software support for the update for your HCL Nomad users.
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    On Thursday, March 23rd, 2023   by Chris Miller        

HCL Now: Cloud Native-as-a-Service launches!

HCL has announced and launched HCL Now: Cloud Native-as-a-Service for your HCL Software products in a cloud-first architecture.  Easily move your HCL Software products to the HCL managed cloud, start using new updates as they become available and ease administration work of on-premises deployments.  HCL Now also helps you avoid cloud lock-in by retaining ownership of your data and deploying in the cloud of your choosing.
HCL Now cloud native

Some early highlights and takeaways from the launch video and materials are:  Continue Reading here" HCL Now: Cloud Native-as-a-Service launches!" »
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    On Tuesday, July 20th, 2021   by Chris Miller        

HCL Domino 12 new Backup and Restore capabilities

We all have suffered through IBM Domino backup and restore issues.  HCL Domino 12 brings us a new interface, new server tasks and backup and restore capabilities. Let us take a peek inside what is offered:

backup and restore

As of Domino 12, functionality to back up and restore Notes databases and their associated transaction logs is provided with Domino servers.

Right out of the box you inherently get control, with server commands, of backing up and restoring databases even to point in time. This does exclude files like the notes.ini or DAOS so you still need alternative backup solutions to cover yourself there.  Or have a facility to store those on a regular updated basis.  Of course, HCL Domino 12 does it with a new  Continue Reading here" HCL Domino 12 new Backup and Restore capabilities" »
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    On Tuesday, June 1st, 2021   by Chris Miller        

HCL Sametime Meetings monitoring for Kubernetes

For years, with IBM Sametime, we had to use some older administration monitoring screens for Sametime Meetings or get creative with tools.  HCL Sametime Meetings has a new whitepaper on Kubernetes monitoring using open source tools.

HCL Sametime Meetings Active Clients

The authors of the HCL Sametime Meetings monitoring whitepaper have been around since the early days of Sametime, giving valuable insight into what you should begin with and step by step how to set it up using open-source Grafana and Kibana (which sound like twins).  You will need servers to run these tools but they can be expanded for service across many of your enterprise systems and networks.  Not just for this case.
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    On Monday, March 8th, 2021   by Chris Miller