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1470A - Logging Wars: A Cross-Product Tech Clash Between Experts (2016)

Chris Miller and Benedek Menesi  February 3 2016 09:15:00 AM
Things WILL get VERY technical when two experts face-off in a unique session that explores polar perceptions regarding various types of logs, verbosity levels, data extraction, responses for alerts, and more. Be it Domino, Sametime, or Traveler operating on-prem. or in Hybrid and Cloud environments, it is vital to have an understanding of log data structure, what is (or isn't) logged and why, and how to search logs effectively. But aren't there ways to find your information without having to pipe everything into the log? Where does one's best practice end and another's begin? From this collision of opposing viewpoints and real-world stories, you'll take away knowledge and tools ready to deploy to various scenarios, products, and log types.

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