IBM Notes 9 and Sametime community icons

Tags : exactly two years ago I published IdoNotes Episode 88 - Sametime Community icons and free download on how to modify and enhance your IBM Sametime Connect commuinty icons. With the introduction of IBM Notes 9 this will become important yet again.

Sametime community icon preferences
Looking at the previous posting for Episode 88 you will what the Sametime default icons used to be. Looking at the image above you will see what the Sametime icons look like now. The new icons are different shapes but are so dim and only grey the green status indicator covers the entire dim graphic.

Here is the video explaining how to add the additional icons and change them for each community. I then show the result of the look in your inbox.

I have given you an entire set of icons for use inside of your Sametime Connect client. There are various colors and even fun shapes. All are properly sized.

Let me know of any problems you have in the comments below. Also what do you think of the new icons?